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    1. Company Profile

      In recent years, Guangdong Yinhai Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has firmly grasped the major opportunities and policy outlets for the country's vigorous development of new infrastructure, implemented the two wheel drive strategy, arranged ahead of time while promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as urban lighting, quickly entered into the new field of smart emergency industry, actively responded to the construction of the "six major projects" of Jiangmen Municipal Committee and Government, resolutely innovated enterprise scientific research products, and created a scientific and technological leadership, academician empowerment The transformation and upgrading of civil military integration.

      At present, the company's independently developed integrated communication command and dispatching system product (communication equipment) based on video networking has been widely used in the emergency command center and emergency communication command vehicle of provincial and municipal governments, and is the core equipment of emergency rescue. Among them, the application cases that have been implemented with great influence include the command and dispatching system of the "70th anniversary parade of the founding of New China", the command and dispatching system of the "100th anniversary celebration conference of the founding of the Party", the command and dispatching system of Bangong Lake on the border between China and India, and have been successfully listed as the emergency equipment used by the Central Political and Legal Commission, making contributions to the modernization of China's social security rescue and emergency command system! At the same time, with the support of the main leaders of Jiangmen High tech Zone (Jianghai District), the company actively participated in the construction of "two centers and one base" in the zone, taking the "Party masses service+Guangdong security+emergency integration+community grid service" as the leading idea, and made new progress. Recently, the "intelligent nucleic acid code verification machine" that has been successfully developed and is ready to be put into production can complete nucleic acid code verification without code scanner, which greatly reduces the investment of social human resources.